Buying a Ferret in California? Is it Legal Or Not?

Legality is a matter often ignored. In aspects such as pet owning, legal issues seem to be a thing left behind on purpose. This is understandable considering the number of ferret owners in states such as Minneapolis and Illinois. On the contrary, one might ask, “Is buying a ferret in California legal?” The answer is no.

To the dismay of many ferret lovers, ferret owning is banned more so illegal in certain areas and states. This specifically stresses the illegality of having or owning a ferret in California. You may also want to include areas namely Texas, Hawaii and Canada. These places have been unfriendly towards ferret owners as restrictions and impositions are adhered to and applied.

On the other hand, the presence of so called restrictions in ferret owning sparked a number of controversies and issues. Some of which refer to the filing of a formal complaint towards said statewide ban. In fact, non-profit organizations have been addressing the same ferret issues by sending formal requests, asking a supposed re-evaluation regarding the banning of domestic ferrets.

Simply put, buying a ferret in California is not advised unless you want to put up with penalties and fines. The illegality of domestic ferrets has caused many groups to hold respective rallies and demonstrations. The aim is to readily let the state government hear their side and position. Also, efforts regarding sign-ups and virtual campaigns are being made since 2007, to increase the awareness and probably the impact of ferret owners and their participation.

If buying a ferret in California is illegal, how come many people seemingly own a ferret? The answer is nothing but a repercussion of what has been an imposed and misunderstood authority. For one thing, many people argue over the reasons of why ferrets are banned in the first place. Some officials claim that ferrets pose an agricultural and environmental threat. Second, other ferret advocates want to have domesticated ferrets reclassified, since some often refer to these creatures as rodents if not agricultural pests.

Nowadays, buying a ferret in California may come across as naïve to both the rules of law and authority. For those who are willing to abide by the rules, continual support for domestic ferrets is clearly a deviation from what is right and proper. On the other hand, these supposed restrictions may also lead to other concerns such as the illegal transfer of domestic ferrets from other states to California. This may also result to a continuous battle between groups who wish to settle their differences at platforms namely public relations campaigns, formal requests, memberships and online forums.