Easy Steps in Supporting Prevention of Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is a very real crime. Every year, there are several animals that are maltreated. Whether they are household pets like cats and dogs, or wild animals like bears and elephants, these animals are not safe from animal cruelty. However, only a few concerned citizens are aware of this crime. If you want to show your support for preventing animal cruelty, here are some easy steps that you can follow.

Set an Example

Start the change within yourself. If you own an animal, set an example for others by always providing your pet with the proper love and care that it deserves. Always provide fresh water, food and shelter. Be responsible and have your pets neutered or spayed. When your pet is sick or is in need of medical treatment, send him to a veterinarian. It is important that you do not neglect or abuse your pets. Shower it with a dose of tender, loving care.

Encourage Others To Join You

Have others back you up. Otherwise, no one will take you seriously. There are several ways to gain supporters. You can either host rallies or write a petition. You can also campaign online and gather signatures for a petition through the Internet. You can also do it personally, by asking people you meet at a park or rally or in school to sign your petition. All you have to do is print out pages of numbered lines with a heading “Stop Animal Cruelty”, and have people sign it.

Be Against Animal Testing

Animal testing is a form of animal cruelty. Do not buy products that are conducted and tested on animals. Buy or make buttons that clearly state your opposition against animal testing and hand them out to others.

Support Organizations Against Animal Cruelty

There are very many organizations against animal cruelty. These organizations are committed to stopping animal abuse and neglect. Also, they rescue and treat animals that are formerly victims of animal cruelty. You can show your support by being part of these organizations and giving donations that will help in treating thousands of abused animals.

Inform Others

There are many people who are unaware of animal abuse and neglect. Every day, this crime happens and there are any people that are unaware that this is actually taking place. It is very important for you to spread the word. You can do this by handing out pamphlets informing people of what’s really happening and what they can do to stop it.

Report a Crime

Your involvement is very important. If you see an animal being abused or neglected, do something about it. Report to your local humane society, animal shelter, or animal control agency right away. Know who to call when reporting animal cruelty. Take note of important details, such as the type of animal cruelty, persons involved, the date it happened, and where it took place. These will really be of big help to the investigating officer.