How to Dye Dog’s Hair

Dying a dogs hair is no problem, and very safe as long as you do it correctly with the correct product or dye. Make sure that the dye you use is either from a professional dog dye, or if you make it yourself insure that nothing going into it is poisonous to pets as they are always licking themselves.

While making it yourself is more time consuming, and may not come out as good as a purchased dog fur dye, you can have a lot of fun making it and putting it on. You can use normal food coloring available at any food store, or you can also use concentrated unsweetened koolaid.

If your dog is small the way to apply it is almost like dying Easter eggs. Simply fill the tub with l warm water and add the fur dye. Mix it up really well, recheck the temperature and then dip your dog in the bath. You may have to use a small cup to get the hair dye around parts of the body that are not submerged in the bath. If this is the case be careful to keep it out of the dogs eyes and ears as it can cause an infection; It can also cause the dog to scratch excessively.

Let the pet soak for a few minutes to make sure they coloring works its way into the dogs coat. For larger dogs, it is hard to fill enough water to completely submerge them, so place them in the bath tub, get them wet. Do not use any pet shampoo or conditioner; simply hose them down to get their skin wet.

Then apply they coloring using a mist bottle, evening out the color with your hand or a dog grooming brush as you apply it. Again be careful to avoid their eyes and ears to avoid a skin rash. Make sure you rally saturate them with the color. Do not use a rinse them off or use a pet shampoo on them immediately afterwords. Let the dying action take hold and ten let their coat dry naturally as discussed below.

No comes the fun part – getting her, or him, out of without a lot shaking and dye shooting all around – good luck. One trick is after the dog bath to keep them in the tub and let them do all their shaking there, with the curtain closed. Then you can put the dog on a towel to let the rest of the dog fur dye drip off. Remember to be careful on ceramic floors as they can be pours and absorb the color.

If you purchase a dog fur dye, just make sure that it is made for pets and read the ingredients to be safe. Remember again that they will lick themselves. Always follow the instructions that are on the packaging as they may be different than discussed above based on the concentration of the dying ingredients. If you notice any dog scratching, hot spots, or rashes immediately use a mild pet shampoo and rinse the dog clean. If the skin irritation does not clear up quickly, or gets worse go to your veterinarian and have them check it out. We hope this article on dying a dogs hair was informative.