Rescue Dogs & Agility

The pounds, humane societies and rescue organizations are full to the brim with dogs that only want to please. Where else could you possibly find a better candidate for dog agility?

Rescue dogs seem to make some of the better agility dogs. Why is this? Well, there may be a few good reasons, but I believe the most valid one is their willingness to please. Rescue animals seem to understand that you have “saved” them from possible death. They seem to want to do all they can to make you happy. This urge to please usually translate into a dog that is easier to train.

Pretty well any dog would make a good candidate for agility as it is open to all sizes and breeds, mixed or purebred. Dogs are classed according to their height, not by breed. And yes, your mutt can achieve a “Champion” ranking, perfect for rescues. There are of course some breeds that the experts say are among the best for agility. The most favored is the Border Collie. Almost any dog that is at least part Border can be trained to agility. Shetland Sheepdog types are also favoured in their size for their smarts, quickness and willingness to please. Jack Russell Terriers also make great agility dogs, but remember this breed usually takes more work and a firm handler. But even if you have no idea what breeds make up your rescue, try them on agility, you have nothing to lose (except maybe a few pounds)!

If you are looking to rescue older dogs, don’t worry, there is agility for all ages. There are specific groups for older dogs, “tunnels” for those who can’t or won’t jump, and even “rally” for those with extra energy. And if agility isn’t for you, there is always Fly-Ball, and for the more sedate owner and dog, Rally-O (which makes obedience training fun and different).

So do a little research into which type of agility you would like to try, and head to your local rescue house to find the perfect 4 legged friend to do it with you!